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About the Digitized Collections of the Archives


The Archives of the American School consist of two repositories, separately housed but jointly administered. The archives of the Gennadius Library are founded on the collections of the Library’s founder, Joannes Gennadius, and his father, George Gennadius. Later additions included the papers of Heinrich Schliemann, the excavator of Troy and Mycenae; many collections that contribute to an understanding of political developments from the 18th to the 20th century in Greece and the Balkans; and the papers of important Greek literary figures. The archives in the Blegen Library comprise records related to the mission of the School, excavation records from American archaeological projects in Greece, and personal papers of American archaeologists and architects working in Greece. There are also extensive holdings of photographs of Greece during the early years of the American School. See more information about the Archives.


The following collections are available in the digital library:


The Archaeological Photographic Collection includes 3,655 items documenting the field activities of the American School from its establishment in 1881 until WW II, with rare and valuable images recording the restoration work of architect Nikolaos Balanos at the Erechtheum on the Acropolis in the early 20th century, the identification of the Choregic Monument of Nikias on the South Slope of the Acropolis, the discovery of the Sanctuary of Eros and Aphrodite on the North Slope of the Acropolis in the 1930s, the excavations at the site of Dionysus in northern Attica, the restoration of the Lion of Amphipolis, as well as general views of Athens.


The Dorothy Burr Thompson Photographic Collection includes 3,176 items. Dorothy Burr Thompson (1900–2001), who is known to the world of Greek archaeology as an excavator and leading expert in ancient terracottas, donated her photographic collection to the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. The collection, which covers the period 1923–1955, includes images from Thompson’s travels in Greece, Turkey and Italy. In addition to the archaeological information, some of which has been lost or forgotten, the collection is a mosaic of information about architecture, landscapes and customs that no longer exist.


The Photographs from the Historical Archives feature 1,152 images which were previously dispersed amongst the historical collections of the Archives in the Gennadius Library. These images are of great interest since they document public and private moments of the Greek history, from the late 19th to the early decades of the 20th century. The photos originated from the rich archive of the Dragoumis family, the papers of Athanasios Souliotis, Nikolaos Mavris and others, as well as from the papers of author Stratis Myrivilis who fought in the Balkan Wars and the Greek-Turkish War (1919–1922).


The database of  Ion Dragoumis’ Correspondence includes 11,409 digital images of letters. Ion St. Dragoumis served initially as a diplomat in Istanbul, Rome and St. Petersburg, before becoming member of the Greek Parliament. He was assassinated in 1920. The collection, which comprises 2,827 incoming letters and a small number of outgoing ones, covers the period 1895–1920. The Macedonian struggle, the Balkans and the Ottoman Empire, the Greek language and the use of the Demotic, are some of the issues that appear in the correspondence.



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